Don’t Fight Over the White Meat—KFC’s Got You Covered (for a Limited Time)

Haunted by Thanksgiving memories of families torn asunder fighting over the coveted white-meat pieces? Get KFC’s new $5 Fill Up with all-white-meat chicken, and let the healing begin.


At KFC, we’re about quality, value, and variety—which is why we’re serving up yet another $5 Fill Up option: the two-piece breast and wing $5 Fill Up, featuring a juicy, all-white-meat breast and wing. And just like our Tenders, Famous Bowl, Chicken Breast, and Pot Pie $5 Fill Ups, the new two-piece white-meat Fill Up comes with a cookie and a drink—plus mashed potatoes and a biscuit. That’s a serious meal for the seriously good deal of $5.


Enjoy the new two-piece $5 Fill Up an all-white-meat breast and wing


So set your sights on those coveted white-meat pieces—they’re all yours! But they’re not yours forever. The two-piece breast and wing $5 Fill Up is only available from 3/19–4/22. So get to your nearest KFC soon to enjoy this limited-time offer.

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