Two Chicken Littles for $3 in a Variety of Flavors

You can get two Chicken Littles for only $3, AND you can get them in any of our signature Flavors of the South.


Breaking KFC News: You can now get two of KFC’s adorably delectable Chicken Littles® for only $3. AND you can get them in any of our three signature Flavors of the South: Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, or Smoky Mountain BBQ. Can’t decide between a Nashville Hot and a Georgia Gold Chicken Little? Get both for $3! Your craving for Smoky Mountain BBQ versus Extra Crispy tearing you apart? Relax and enjoy both for only $3. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t realize $3 could buy a couple of these li’l buddies of flavor: delicious, crispy chicken tenders between a soft bun with mayonnaise and pickles and a signature KFC sauce. Sad.

KFC NCA I18025_Highlight_Sentence_2ChickenLittles$3

What’s more, this offer is available at KFCs nationwide! So every American has the chance to enjoy any two Chicken Littles in a variety of flavors for only $3.

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