Introducing the KFC Spicy Bowl: A Whole Pound of Food for $3

Hi, friends!


It’s me again, working hard to bring you the best chicken in the world!


Today, I’m here to enlighten you about a matter of profound gravity. Hunger can really weigh you down, and when it strikes, you better believe it’s serious business.


And that’s why we’re hoisting up our classic KFC Famous Bowl and the new Spicy Bowl—each a whole pound of food for just $3!


Think about it; it’s quite an offer AND we’re bringing you a new take on a classic! All the mouthwatering goodness of the original KFC Famous Bowl—our world-famous chicken, cheese, mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy—now with a fiery kick, courtesy of our spicy, smoky Nashville Hot sauce.


It’s substantial, folks.



KFC NCA I18025_Highlight_Sentence_FamousBowls



So stop by your nearby KFC and lift up the classic Famous Bowl or new Spicy Bowl. Pound for pound, it’s a bargain that’s sure to leave you massively satisfied. And it’s finger lickin’ good™.


Tons of love,


The Colonel

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