The Colonel Is Back

KFC Embarks on Re-Colonelization Effort

I founded Kentucky Fried Chicken because I love fried chicken made the Hard Way, which is the best way. Unfortunately, things have gotten a little out of hand lately, so I decided to come back and set things straight. That’s the short way to put it. Keep on reading if you want the long version.


At Kentucky Fried Chicken, many of our customers say things haven’t been the same since the Colonel passed, and they’re right—but today marks the end of that. In 1971, a decline in customer satisfaction led to Colonel Sanders realigning the entire organization with the values on which he originally founded Kentucky Fried Chicken. This “Re-Colonelization” effort got KFC back on track, but over the years, our faithfulness to the Colonel’s rigorous process for making quality fried chicken has waned. So we’ve brought him back for another Re-Colonelization to ensure we live up to his high standards that put KFC on the map.

KFC Colonel is back
In addition to maintaining the Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices, Re-Colonelization means that every restaurant returns to the Colonel’s once-patented process for making his Original Recipe chicken, which continues to include pressure frying, as opposed to the more commonly used open frying method. The result is the uniquely flavorful, juicy fried chicken that is familiar to longtime KFC fans.


Re-Colonelization extends to the look of our restaurants, as well. Seventy percent of our 4,000+ restaurants will be revamped and refreshed by 2017. The new design is inspired by the Colonel’s original restaurant opened in 1952, so the look is a modern take on a classic café style with bold, clean lines and the Colonel’s face and legacy prominently displayed. These revitalized KFCs will also feature chalkboards that will be updated daily with the name of the farm that raised the chicken for the day’s meal.

KFC Recolonelization Restaurant

Over the past six months, we’ve invested 100,000 hours in retraining our employees—a veritable Kentucky Fried continuing education. We’ve held 43 Re-Colonelization training events across the country in an effort to retrain every single KFC employee in cooking chicken the Colonel’s patented way—with 27 steps in more than 25 minutes. These team members, a number of them now deemed “Lieutenant Colonel Cooks,” returned to their restaurants to retrain all their staff. More than 20,000 KFC employees have now been retrained in making Kentucky Fried Chicken the Colonel’s way. The result is a return to the unique cooking process that made the Colonel so proud and KFC so famous. To everyone who grew up with KFC and has turned away in recent years, we invite you back to try the delicious chicken you remember.

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