Where’s my Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Green Beans, Liver, and Gizzards? Why some KFC Restaurants Have Different Menus

O beautiful for different tastes . . .  From sea to shining sea. In this big, beautiful country, there are great tastes of all different kinds. And we at KFC are proud to play a part in that incredible variety.


You already know about the KFC favorites that are available at each and every one of our locations: the Colonel’s famous Original Recipe fried chicken, our delicious mashed potatoes and gravy, and our warm, flaky biscuits—all prepared and served the way the Colonel would do it, the Hard Way.


But we know that many of you enjoy our regional items—the ones that go so well with our KFC favorites. We’re talking about specialty items like KFC Grilled Chicken, marinated and seasoned, then slow grilled to perfection. Kentucky Grilled Chicken can be found all across the US—but it’s more likely to be available at locations in the Southeast.


We’re also aware that you have a hankering for specialty items like gizzards and livers, but these more acquired tastes are only offered at select KFC locations—again, mostly in the Southeast.




So we listen to them before deciding what local favorites to feature. Even though this means some items won’t be available everywhere, we like that this gives each KFC restaurant a unique touch.


Corn on the cob? You’ll find that more in the Northwest. And you hot chocolate fans will find that East Coast KFC locations are more likely to have you covered in that department. Other specialty items that you may encounter include our delicious green beans, lemon cake, potato salad, and applesauce. But again, you won’t find these at every location.


Rest assured, no matter where you are, we’ll always offer the KFC favorites that everyone knows and loves—the Colonel’s famous fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy—and we’ll always prepare them the same way the Colonel did.


KFC. It’s finger lickin’ good.

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