That whole KFC fried rat thing wasn’t real. Because of course it wasn’t.

The KFC Rat Hoax Debunked

A social post supposedly depicting a fried rat being served to a KFC customer made the rounds a little while back. It should surprise no one to hear that was entirely made up and untrue. I know, I know, something fake on the Internet—stop the presses. You can read more about how it never really happened below.


You don’t build a legacy like KFC has over 75 years without having some outlandish rumors created about you. Just ask Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen head! KFC has endured a few similarly absurd myths, including the Great KFC Mutant Chicken Myth and claims that KFC chickens have added hormones and steroids to make them bigger. Then there was the 2015 KFC fried rat hoax, in which a customer posted an image on Facebook of KFC chicken supposedly in the shape of a rat, implying that KFC had served him a deep-fried rat instead of a chicken tender. Approximately 22,000 people shared this image. This was followed by a video post that 9,000 people shared on their Facebook walls, garnering over 1 million views. Even reputable news sources throughout the world picked up the story! Because if it’s on the Internet, it must be true, right?


Of course this claim is false and just plain nonsense. We’re dedicated to quality and preparing chicken the Hard Way, which is Colonel Sanders’ time-honored approach to making delicious chicken. First, we source our chickens from American farms. Then our chickens are inspected by the USDA and must pass 30 quality checks before they can even be delivered to our kitchens. In fact, KFC and its parent company, Yum! Brands, maintain industry-leading food safety programs, striving to have the safest, highest-quality food supply and preparation in the business. Finally, our cooks freshly prepare fried chicken every day, in restaurant, following an extensive multistep process, which includes hand-breading each individual piece.

KFC only serves real chicken

Ultimately, like other rumors that preceded it, the KFC fried-rat story was roundly debunked. We even handed the alleged fried rat over to an independent lab for testing, which confirmed that it was, indeed, 100% KFC chicken tender, and not a fried rat. This was no surprise to us—we always serve 100% real chicken made the Hard Way. So when you order KFC chicken, we guarantee that you’re getting delicious, crispy, flavorful, and juicy chicken—and nothing else.

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