KFC’s New Hot Honey Chicken Brings the Sweet and the Heat

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This hot and honeyed treat combines sweet and savory like nobody’s bees-ness (sorry, not sorry).


Hold onto your drumsticks, KFC® friends and neighbors! Our new Hot Honey flavor brings the heat like nobody’s bees-ness. It’s hot. It’s sweet. It goes well with meat.


So how hot and honeyed is this new flavor offering? Just hot enough to dance across your taste buds with a honey sweetness that brings the flavor home, so you’re ready for the next bite. There’s no better complement to the Colonel’s 11 herbs & spices—well, not forgetting, of course, the vessel for all this goodness: crispy, tender chicken.




We’ll stop beating around the beehive—this new Hot Honey flavor is finger lickin’ and lip-smackin’ good. The perfect combination of sweetness and heatness, it’s a blend that goes bee-utifully in our Crispy Colonel Sandwich, Extra Crispy™ chicken, or tenders. Pro tip: pair it with a Dr Pepper and you’ll hit the sweet spot of flavor and refreshment.


But don’t delay, friends! Hot Honey is only available for a limited time, so eat hardy before it hibernates from the flavor lineup.

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