Double the Delicious / Deliciousness

KFC’s new Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich is a delicious feat to eat.


It’s hard to improve on Crispy Colonel Sandwich perfection—so we doubled it! KFC’s new Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich features a double-breaded double filet of all-white-meat chicken breasts. We didn’t double the bun; that would be weird. But the result is…




And it’s a math fact that when you double something, it gets bigger, so the Double Crispy Colonel is BIG. It’s a lot of sandwich, so you’ll need two hands to handle it. And you might want to get a bigger mouth. Look, a little elbow grease never hurt anyone.


Get yourself to a KFC, because this big, big sandwich is available only as a limited-time offer. It’s double the finger lickin’ good, folks!

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