Debunking Arkansas KFC Maggot Chicken Rumor


In this wacky, media-saturated world, the wildest rumors and myths have a funny way of taking advantage of our fears, hatching, and taking flight. One of the latest items to swarm its way onto the Internet is a video of maggots and fly eggs infesting a KFC meal. I want to swat down these nasty rumors of maggot-infested KFC chicken and make sure I don’t leave any wiggle room. Amazing I have to say this, but KFC chicken doesn’t contain maggots or fly eggs. That’s not the kind of grub we’re interested in at all. 


You recently might have heard the buzz regarding a video posted on a local Arkansas police department’s Facebook page of a KFC meal containing fly eggs, which the next day supposedly turned into maggot-infested chicken.


Not pretty.


Also, it’s just not possible.


See, KFC follows strict food-safety and handling procedures and works closely with local and state health departments to ensure the safety of our food and health of our guests and to make sure any uninvited pests don’t show up.
In fact, immediately after KFC learned about the allegation, the health department conducted thorough investigations at the restaurant and found no evidence of temperature issues, pest issues, spoiled food, or any other issues of concern. And only a few days before this all went down, the health department had already made its regular inspection at the restaurant and found no problems.


And how’s this for science? Each piece of our bone-in chicken is inspected and hand-breaded in our kitchens by expertly trained cooks before being cooked to a temperature of 165°F or higher and hot-held at a temperature above 140°F. Those little guys couldn’t take it, even if they tried.

Contamination did not occur while the food was still inside the KFC restaurant

Because of the strict procedures followed by KFC and its parent company, Yum! Brands, KFC can confidently say that the contamination did not occur while the food was still inside the restaurant. All of our chicken is freshly delivered to each restaurant two to three times per week under sealed and KFC-approved temperature-monitor-controlled conditions. The team also conducts a food-safety checklist three times a day that includes looking at the temperature of the chicken and the time of its preparation. This is before cooking, and there are further procedures after the chicken is cooked. Each step of the way, KFC managers and cooks ensure that our chicken is up to the standards of Colonel Sanders himself.


After all, it all comes down to 100% real chicken made the Hard Way. When you enjoy KFC chicken, we guarantee that you’re getting delicious, crispy, flavorful, and juicy chicken and nothing else—every time. So next time you hear a tale about fly eggs in KFC chicken or maggots in KFC chicken, just tell ’em to buzz off.

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