KFC Has 100% White Meat Year-Round! It’s An All-Seasons Miracle!

At KFC, you can always get 100% white-meat chicken. Meal deals, promotions, and signature flavors may come and go, but offering all-white-meat chicken is forever.


As you may have noticed, we love offering special promotions and limited-time-only meal options. But some KFC offerings never stop, namely our premium, tasty, delicious fried chicken with 100% white meat. Dark-meat fans are covered too, but we never stop serving up quality 100% white-meat chicken because we know it’s so popular. So you can get any of our meal deals—$5 Fill Ups, $20 Fill Ups, Tenders, Famous Bowls, Popcorn Chicken—with all-white meat. Fun meal deals and promotions will come and go, and Colonel knows we love concocting new ones, but quality all-white-meat chicken is here to stay. It’s as certain as death and taxes, only way crispier and more delicious.



So stop by your nearest KFC today to try our variety of white-meat options. One hundred percent all-white meat is here to stay, and it’s finger lickin’ good!

Two Chicken Littles for $3 in a Variety of Flavors

You can get two Chicken Littles for only $3, AND you can get them in any of our signature Flavors of the South.


Breaking KFC News: You can now get two of KFC’s adorably delectable Chicken Littles® for only $3. AND you can get them in any of our three signature Flavors of the South: Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, or Smoky Mountain BBQ. Can’t decide between a Nashville Hot and a Georgia Gold Chicken Little? Get both for $3! Your craving for Smoky Mountain BBQ versus Extra Crispy tearing you apart? Relax and enjoy both for only $3. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t realize $3 could buy a couple of these li’l buddies of flavor: delicious, crispy chicken tenders between a soft bun with mayonnaise and pickles and a signature KFC sauce. Sad.

KFC NCA I18025_Highlight_Sentence_2ChickenLittles$3

What’s more, this offer is available at KFCs nationwide! So every American has the chance to enjoy any two Chicken Littles in a variety of flavors for only $3.

Introducing the KFC Spicy Bowl: A Whole Pound of Food for $3

Hi, friends!


It’s me again, working hard to bring you the best chicken in the world!


Today, I’m here to enlighten you about a matter of profound gravity. Hunger can really weigh you down, and when it strikes, you better believe it’s serious business.


And that’s why we’re hoisting up our classic KFC Famous Bowl and the new Spicy Bowl—each a whole pound of food for just $3!


Think about it; it’s quite an offer AND we’re bringing you a new take on a classic! All the mouthwatering goodness of the original KFC Famous Bowl—our world-famous chicken, cheese, mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy—now with a fiery kick, courtesy of our spicy, smoky Nashville Hot sauce.


It’s substantial, folks.



KFC NCA I18025_Highlight_Sentence_FamousBowls



So stop by your nearby KFC and lift up the classic Famous Bowl or new Spicy Bowl. Pound for pound, it’s a bargain that’s sure to leave you massively satisfied. And it’s finger lickin’ good™.


Tons of love,


The Colonel


Colonel Sanders and Mrs. Butterworth team up, and the results will fulfill all your wildest Chicken & Waffles dreams.

Peanut butter & jelly. Mashed potatoes & gravy. Herbs & spices. Some duos are destined for greatness together, and KFC’s new Chicken & Waffles are no exception. We’ve combined two icons—Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken and Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup—to make a decadent, delicious treat. It’s a perfect pairing—the crispy crunch of the Colonel’s fried chicken with thick waffles drenched in Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.

You’ve got three options for enjoying this new savory and sweet treat:
• three tenders with one waffle,
• a bone-in chicken breast and drumstick with one waffle, or
• four tenders with two waffles.


Highlight_Sentence_Chicken&Waffles (1)


But KFC’s new Chicken & Waffles are only available for a limited time, so get to a KFC tout suite and enjoy this dynamic duo while you can! It’s finger lickin’ good.

KFC’s New Hot Honey Chicken Brings the Sweet and the Heat

This hot and honeyed treat combines sweet and savory like nobody’s bees-ness (sorry, not sorry).


Hold onto your drumsticks, KFC® friends and neighbors! Our new Hot Honey flavor brings the heat like nobody’s bees-ness. It’s hot. It’s sweet. It goes well with meat.


So how hot and honeyed is this new flavor offering? Just hot enough to dance across your taste buds with a honey sweetness that brings the flavor home, so you’re ready for the next bite. There’s no better complement to the Colonel’s 11 herbs & spices—well, not forgetting, of course, the vessel for all this goodness: crispy, tender chicken.




We’ll stop beating around the beehive—this new Hot Honey flavor is finger lickin’ and lip-smackin’ good. The perfect combination of sweetness and heatness, it’s a blend that goes bee-utifully in our Crispy Colonel Sandwich, Extra Crispy™ chicken, or tenders. Pro tip: pair it with a Dr Pepper and you’ll hit the sweet spot of flavor and refreshment.


But don’t delay, friends! Hot Honey is only available for a limited time, so eat hardy before it hibernates from the flavor lineup.

Double the Delicious / Deliciousness

KFC’s new Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich is a delicious feat to eat.


It’s hard to improve on Crispy Colonel Sandwich perfection—so we doubled it! KFC’s new Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich features a double-breaded double filet of all-white-meat chicken breasts. We didn’t double the bun; that would be weird. But the result is…




And it’s a math fact that when you double something, it gets bigger, so the Double Crispy Colonel is BIG. It’s a lot of sandwich, so you’ll need two hands to handle it. And you might want to get a bigger mouth. Look, a little elbow grease never hurt anyone.


Get yourself to a KFC, because this big, big sandwich is available only as a limited-time offer. It’s double the finger lickin’ good, folks!

We’re in a Pickle . . . and We Like It!

Kentucky Fried Chicken—in all its varieties—is now available in pickle flavor!


We recently made our variety of chicken offerings—Crispy Colonel Sandwich™, Extra Crispy™ Tenders, Chicken Littles®, and Extra Crispy™ chicken-on-the-bone—available in our three Signature Flavors: Smoky Mountain BBQ, Nashville Hot, and Georgia Gold. Now we’re delving into a new flavored sauce territory: PICKLE!

Highlight_Sentence_PickleFriedChicken (1)

It’s the same extra crispy, crunchy, double-breaded chicken you love, but with PICKLES! Sorry for the caps, but PICKLES are just so exciting. It doesn’t seem possible to say PICKLES without caps lock!

These pickle-fried treats won’t last long, so find your nearest KFC and get some soon. KFC: It’s pickle lickin’ good!

Extra Crispy Colonel George Hamilton Serves up KFC’s New Crispy Colonel Sandwich

It takes an Extra Crispy Colonel to know a good Crispy Colonel sandwich.


Summertime is the best time of year to celebrate the Extra Crispy lifestyle, which is why we’re introducing another way to enjoy our classic Extra Crispy chicken: KFC’s new Crispy Colonel sandwich. And who better to announce the Crispy Colonel sandwich than the Extra Crispy Colonel himself, George Hamilton?


Our most bronzed Colonel appreciates fried chicken that’s juicy and tender on the inside and double-breaded and fried to crispy, crunchy perfection on the outside. The new Crispy Colonel sandwich is also available in a $5 Fill Up, which includes potato wedges, a cookie, and a drink.


KFC's new Crispy Colonel sandwich is the tastiest way to enjoy sizzling summer heat


So slap on a sunhat, slather on the SPF, and head to your nearest KFC for the Crispy Colonel sandwich, the tastiest way to live your best Extra Crispy life this summer.



Don’t Fight Over the White Meat—KFC’s Got You Covered (for a Limited Time)

Haunted by Thanksgiving memories of families torn asunder fighting over the coveted white-meat pieces? Get KFC’s new $5 Fill Up with all-white-meat chicken, and let the healing begin.


At KFC, we’re about quality, value, and variety—which is why we’re serving up yet another $5 Fill Up option: the two-piece breast and wing $5 Fill Up, featuring a juicy, all-white-meat breast and wing. And just like our Tenders, Famous Bowl, Chicken Breast, and Pot Pie $5 Fill Ups, the new two-piece white-meat Fill Up comes with a cookie and a drink—plus mashed potatoes and a biscuit. That’s a serious meal for the seriously good deal of $5.


Enjoy the new two-piece $5 Fill Up an all-white-meat breast and wing


So set your sights on those coveted white-meat pieces—they’re all yours! But they’re not yours forever. The two-piece breast and wing $5 Fill Up is only available from 3/19–4/22. So get to your nearest KFC soon to enjoy this limited-time offer.

Where’s my Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Green Beans, Liver, and Gizzards? Why some KFC Restaurants Have Different Menus

O beautiful for different tastes . . .  From sea to shining sea. In this big, beautiful country, there are great tastes of all different kinds. And we at KFC are proud to play a part in that incredible variety.


You already know about the KFC favorites that are available at each and every one of our locations: the Colonel’s famous Original Recipe fried chicken, our delicious mashed potatoes and gravy, and our warm, flaky biscuits—all prepared and served the way the Colonel would do it, the Hard Way.


But we know that many of you enjoy our regional items—the ones that go so well with our KFC favorites. We’re talking about specialty items like KFC Grilled Chicken, marinated and seasoned, then slow grilled to perfection. Kentucky Grilled Chicken can be found all across the US—but it’s more likely to be available at locations in the Southeast.


We’re also aware that you have a hankering for specialty items like gizzards and livers, but these more acquired tastes are only offered at select KFC locations—again, mostly in the Southeast.




So we listen to them before deciding what local favorites to feature. Even though this means some items won’t be available everywhere, we like that this gives each KFC restaurant a unique touch.


Corn on the cob? You’ll find that more in the Northwest. And you hot chocolate fans will find that East Coast KFC locations are more likely to have you covered in that department. Other specialty items that you may encounter include our delicious green beans, lemon cake, potato salad, and applesauce. But again, you won’t find these at every location.


Rest assured, no matter where you are, we’ll always offer the KFC favorites that everyone knows and loves—the Colonel’s famous fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy—and we’ll always prepare them the same way the Colonel did.


KFC. It’s finger lickin’ good.