KFC Has 100% White Meat Year-Round! It’s An All-Seasons Miracle!

At KFC, you can always get 100% white-meat chicken. Meal deals, promotions, and signature flavors may come and go, but offering all-white-meat chicken is forever.


As you may have noticed, we love offering special promotions and limited-time-only meal options. But some KFC offerings never stop, namely our premium, tasty, delicious fried chicken with 100% white meat. Dark-meat fans are covered too, but we never stop serving up quality 100% white-meat chicken because we know it’s so popular. So you can get any of our meal deals—$5 Fill Ups, $20 Fill Ups, Tenders, Famous Bowls, Popcorn Chicken—with all-white meat. Fun meal deals and promotions will come and go, and Colonel knows we love concocting new ones, but quality all-white-meat chicken is here to stay. It’s as certain as death and taxes, only way crispier and more delicious.



So stop by your nearest KFC today to try our variety of white-meat options. One hundred percent all-white meat is here to stay, and it’s finger lickin’ good!

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